Etsy Find: Vellum Patches on Book Covers / by Kat Howard

In addition to being a repository for fantastic output from crafters, makers, and innovative thinkers everywhere, Etsy is a great source of motivation. And its community is made up of unique users who constantly come up with new ways to get creative. Today I came across this Toronto-based artist who's using sewn vellum applique on the outside of her books, which makes for quite a snappy approach. Her series of handmade books are posted under NightjarBooks on Etsy. NightjarBooks Birch Cloth with Rain Drops


I love the cloth she used for the outside of this book cover, which resembles the wood grain of birch bark. It works so well with the sewn vellum rain drop design -simple and elegant.

Hand Bound Pined Journal from NightjarBooks




Here's another great example of NightjarBook's work. This vellum patch of pine trees nicely complements the avocado green book cloth. 




Icelandic Sod House from NightjarBooks on Etsy

This one has to be my favorite - a charming handmade drawing of an Icelandic Sod House. The transparency of the vellum works so well with her illustrations and book cloth colors.


Check out her profile on for more beautiful handmade books!