On the Hunt for New Materials / by Kat Howard

Installation at Center for Book Arts Next week I'll begin a class at the Center for Book Arts on bookbinding. I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and dive in to learn about classic techniques, and its ancient history. I've been wanting to get more seriously involved in the book art community and came across the Center for Book Arts on a google hunt. And they're located right here in New York!

In preparation for the class, I have to stock up on a long list of supplies:


  • Bone folder
  • X-acto knife or scalpel with extra blades
  • 2 adhesive brushes, 2” and ½”
  • Pin tool or bookbinding awl
  • microspatula
  • spring divider (recommended – can be purchased at Talas- www.talasonline.com)
  • cutting mat (optional)
  • scissors
  • Metal straight edge (18” long)
  • 900 angle metal triangle
  •  Small plastic containers for holding glue (preferably with lids)
  • Pencil
  •  Any special decorative papers, postcards, photos, illustrations, etc. 

Hollanders Decorative Paper

While the Center sells a basic bookbinding kit, I've had a lot of fun trolling the internet for other options and came across this amazing store called Hollander's in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have a wide selection of bookbinding tools, book cloths, decorative paper, stationery and workshops. I could definitely see myself spending hours pouring over the many reams of paper, and happily wandering the aisles here. Luckily, they seem to have a lot of their products available online too - which is great until the next time I'm in Ann Arbor.