Etsy Find: Florals and Texture / by Kat Howard

Scrolling through the many wonders on Etsy, I came across this great Portland artist under the user name, Zibboon. This book maker creates unique, hand sewn books with bright, bold colors that make the covers, and the spines pop. The artist's combination of florals and textures is elegantly handled and makes for whimsical creations. Zibboons Small William Morris Handmade Book

This piece has a lovely sun-yellow book cloth, a strawberry red and white headband, along with pale pink end papers. I love the texture that this artist creates, in using a floral paper between the pages, and the book covers. The floral element is nicely echoed in the decorative William Morris paper on the outside of the book, too. It's definitely a great balance of bright colors, organic materials, and natural designs.



Zibboons Field of Flowers Mini Book

Zibboon's mini Field of Flowers book pairs a more delicate floral pattern with an evergreen book cloth, in an interesting wide format. I like the artist's choice to counter the dainty flowers with a bold book cloth that picks up the traces of green in the pattern. The heavier texture of the book cloth balances out the playful, light flowers, avoiding an overpowering sweetness in the design but still making this book a delightful confection! 

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