Hollander's Brown Paper Packaging / by Kat Howard

Hollander's Packaging I recently posted about Hollander's in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and over the weekend I received my first order from their online store. I was already excited to be getting some things from this top notch bookbinding supply shop (a new scalpel, brushes, bone folder, awl, and binder's boards, just to name a few), so it was an added surprise to see the beautiful packaging it came in!

Hollander's Label & Brown Paper Packaging

 Once I opened the box, everything was wrapped up individually in high quality brown paper, and sealed with a Hollander's sticker. I really appreciated how the Hollander's staff had taken the time to wrap the packages together, so that everything wasn't just chucked in to a giant cardboard box. Whenever I order books from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, they often arrive with the book covers torn, or the spines damaged. This way I could tell my products were going to come straight out of the packaging in tact. Cheers to Hollander's!