Etsy Finds: Handmade Paper Journal / by Kat Howard

Peaseblossomstudios Handmade Journal During my most recent foraging trip on Etsy, I came across peaseblossomstudio. While this California artist is a self taught block printer, she also makes greeting cards, prints, calligraphy, collage and does bookbinding. Plus she has a whole other profile on etsy, pbemporium, where she sells craft supplies, and more handmade specialties! Peaseblossomstudio demonstrates amazing range, and her creative output is quite an inspiration.

Mustard Colored End Pages

When I was scrolling through the featured items in her peaseblossomstudio etsy shop, I fell in love with this handmade yellow, flower-paper, journal she'd posted. The cream colored bookcloth combined with the handmade paper was so dreamy, that the effect left an impression on me. Take a peek at the mustard colored end papers she used; the bold hue really anchors the design nicely. She even purposely sewed the signatures looser so that the book can lay open flat - ideal for fellow crafters looking for a place to deposit their ideas.