Bookbinding Class: The Tote Bag / by Kat Howard

Husky Carryalls 14 In. Large Mouth Tool Bag For my bookbinding class, we were all tasked with finding a container to shuffle our tools and projects, to and from the art center in. It's been really interesting to see what my fellow classmates have chosen as their bookbinding supply 'tote bags'. Collectively we selected:

  • a fishing tackle box
  • an old taped-up cigar box
  • a leather handbag
  • a fabric paintbrush holder
  • a soft pencil case
  • a jewelry box
  • a handmade box (from a box making class)
  • a frayed backpack
  • a tool bag

For the first two weeks of class I just used an old purse and shoved my handmade books, scalpels, exacto blades, glue brushes and papers in it. However, I realized this may not be the best solution, especially as I encountered heavy, wet snow leaving class one evening that almost soaked through my old leather bag, hehe.

I had to find a new option, so I took some advice from my instructor and went to Home Depot to scope out their selection of carrying cases, tool belts, buckets and storage systems. What I found was perfect: a Husky Carryalls 14 In. Large Mouth Tool Bag. At $20 it's sturdy, weatherproof, fits oddly shaped tools, has tons of compartments, and my knife blades can't poke through the industrial-strength fabric. My new bag can also withstand the hustle and bustle of commuting on the new york subway system - since it has a built in frame, my books-in-progress can be transported without being battered by the city.