Bookbinding Class: Pamphlet Books / by Kat Howard

Pamphlet Book: The Finished Product One of the first books I ever learned to make in class was a simple pamphlet. While the construction of this type of book is super easy to learn, the end result is surprisingly attractive. It's one of the rare instances in bookbinding where your finished book doesn't necessarily reflect the effort you put in to it - and I mean that in the best way possible. It's a great project to get under your belt, in order to boost your confidence when leaping into the world of book making, plus you can practice some basic yet important skills (like folding, measuring, and creasing paper) in the process.

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What you need to get started:

a sheet of cream canson paper a sheet of colored construction paper a sheet of decorative paper embroidery floss bone folder scalpel/xacto knife awl needle straight edge

1. Using the bone folder, fold and tear the canson paper until you have about 8 or 10 sheets folded in half to make up your signature. 2. Cut your construction paper in to one folded sheet the same size as your signature. 3. Place the signature inside your construction sheet and using your awl poke 5 holes (from the inside out), one in the center, and then two on either side of the central hole, so they are equadistant from the edge of the signature. 4. Thread your needle with embroidery floss that measures a little more than 5 times the spine of your book. 5. Sew from the central hole from the inside of the book outwards leaving a tail inside the book, and continue sewing in and out through the top hole, and back in through the second hole, so that the end result looks like a chain stitch on both sides of your pamphlet, ending with the thread pulled back through the central hole. 6. Knot and trim the ends of your threads together on the inside of your book. You can fray them with the awl for a decorative look, or trim them really short. 7. Cut your decorative paper to the height of your pamphlet and wrap it around your book so that there is an equal amount of paper on either end to create the inside sheets of your book jacket. Don't forget to include enough paper as the thickness of your pamphlet in order to fold a flat back spine. 8. Fold and crease your paper jacket on to the pamphlet, and you've created a smart looking book!