Big Changes & Updates / by Kat Howard

Hi all, I haven't been blogging for the past year because there have been some major alterations happening in my life. I started a graduate program at Mills College to obtain my MFA in Creative Writing & Book Art. In July 2010 I moved out west, from the Big Apple, in what I like to call "The Great Schlep", with my husband and two cats. We found a cute 100 year old bungalow in Berkeley and settled in. Class started in August and just got out a few weeks ago. It was an intense yet illuminating year, where I grew as a poet, a book artist and a teacher. Going forward, I hope to expand Book Meat to incorporate my Press and Bindery, using this space to curate, muse, and explore what I'm learning and getting inspired by in the quaint, quirky field of Book Art. Happy Reading!

cheers, Kat