Masters: Book Arts / by Kat Howard

I'm always on the prowl for new books to add to my collection with inspired approaches to book design, craft and innovation. Actually, let's face it, I'm a complete bibliophile so I'll find any excuse to add a new book to my poor, sagging bookshelves. So I was doubly excited to discover that Lark Crafts had published Masters: Book Arts, which chronicles 42 book artists that are paving the way in this unique field.

The artists are interviewed about their craft, conceptual approaches, careers and overall work philosophies. These profiles are paired with beautiful full color pagespreads of the artists' work making it an excellent source for inspiration. I like to sit with a cup of coffee, and a notebook and go through each page, writing down what really draws me in to the artists' pieces.

The book comes from one of my favorite little publishing companies, Lark Crafts, based in Asheville, NC. They have a great blog with tons of tips, DIYs, and are a fantastic aggregator of craft culture.