Expanding to Etsy / by Kat Howard

I'm thrilled to announce that Book Meat now has a store open on Etsy! It's the cumulation of many hours of hard work, sketching, musing, trial & error, models, making & unmaking, meandering, binding, printing, sewing and certainly some joy.

I loved designing the different products that are in the shop. I was able to tap in to my personal aesthetic, excavate my history, and create paper goods that I wanted to use, and that I'd be proud to share.

I'm attracted to the quirky in life, the little stories of objects, style that intrigues and holds attention. I'm obsessed with texture, bones, clean lines, sewing, new twists on historic binding and printing techniques, handmade paper, waxed linen thread, and quaint details. And I can't wait to add even more Book Meat to Etsy in the future.