Inspired by... / by Kat Howard

Yesterday, turned out to be a gorgeous day in Berkeley. I got really excited and decided the husband and I should make a trip out to the beach at Linda del Mar. It's a great surfing spot just south of San Francisco, with a lovely cove and soft sand.

However, after driving through traffic in the city, we reached the beach and the fog at the same time. Instead of letting the imaginary sound of melancholy violons drown us in sorrow, we decided to continue our plans to picnic and spend the afternoon on the ocean anyway (with hoodies and scarves).

We feasted on delicious prosciutto, cheese, and inevitably sand as it blew around our picnic blanket.

I took a walk along the beach to warm up after sitting in the fog, and was so intrigued by the haphazard patterns and designs that I encountered in the sand.

The palate was subtle and calming, and I was inspired by the combination of textures; the grit of the sand, the smooth grey of the stones and the ridged driftwood. If it had been a gloriously sunny day, I might not have noticed these details. I plan on going paper shopping this week to find some motifs that elicit this foggy afternoon, so I can attempt to capture it in book form.