Loop Paper / by Kat Howard

As a book artist who's really inspired by materials, I was thrilled when I came upon  Loop's beautiful, hand drawn, wrapping paper. I was living in New York City at the time, and on an inspiration hunt in Paper Presentation, this fantastic art supply store near Union Square, when Loop caught my eye.

It's a striking, eco-luxe, wrapping paper. With whimsical names like Eon, Em and Poliwog, the attention to detail is carried throughout the entire design of the products. The creator, Elissa Brown Barbieri, is influenced by nature and architecture resulting in intricate, hand-drawn patterns and paintings with a subtle palette and lush sensibility. You can see true evidence of the hand in her abstract designs.

Her paper even inspired my recent line of handmade notebooks for my Book Meat shop on Etsy. Loop's designs are clean, detailed and unique; a real find amongst decorative papers.