Starting an Artist Residency at Kala Art Institute / by Kat Howard

Kala Art Institute & Gallery After a summer of whirlwind traveling and two intense years taking classes and teaching as part of the MFA in Book Art & Creative Writing at Mills College, I'm thrilled to be embarking on the next step in earning my degree. This Fall I'll be an Artist-in-Residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. I have a dedicated studio space there to work on my thesis: Cornered, which involves poetry, the Brontë Sisters, a sewing machine, handmade paper, and thousands of tiny threads.

I'm really looking forward to having a room that can act as a blank canvas for this project. I've been lucky in that we have a second bedroom/office space in our little house that I've been able to use in the planning stages, as well as a writing room, Etsy workshop and artist studio, but there's something really magical about letting a space act as a sort of sanctuary, or lab for a specific creative project. I'll be documenting the studio and the process of making Cornered over the coming weeks and months. Wish me luck!

Kala Art Institute