Settling in to my Studio / by Kat Howard

The last couple of weeks, I've been busy getting intimately acquainted with my studio at Kala. There's a balance to making an empty white room yours. You want it to feel homey, but not too comfortable so that you aren't overstimulated. You want to keep it open and uncluttered, so that your ideas can flow freely, but you also want it to be fully functional. There's also the matter of impermanence with this space; I'm fortunate enough to be in residence until the beginning of December when I'm moving back to NYC, but having a space for a limited amount of time has made me measure my decisions in settling in to the studio. Nevertheless, I've strived for balance in my studio space, and so far I've created 10 of the paper quilts for my thesis project, a test version of which you can see in the slideshow below. Little touches, like additional lighting, hanging the work I've completed so far, and creating a window of inspiration that I glance up at whenever I get stuck in my 'thinking place', have helped transform it. It feels like quite an accomplishment and so I'm celebrating with a little homage to the workspace that made it happen. I'm not sure I would have been so productive if I had just been working at home, or if it hadn't felt so private. As a result, I'm ready for the next step: to line and hem the quilts, then embroider them with text. Onward, ho!