Twenty Things About Me... / by Kat Howard

 self-portrait next to our 17th century stone house in the Hudson Valley

self-portrait next to our 17th century stone house in the Hudson Valley

It's been a while since I've added a new post to the blog *hides behind massive pile of unsorted yarn and half finished works,* but writing more frequently is definitely something I would like to do in the coming year. For one thing, there's so much that happens in the process of making art, which I would like to document. Sharing the end results of sometimes, weeks, or months of work is all well and good, but that polished final product isn't the reason I'm drawn to create.

Hopefully, in archiving the journey as to how I arrive at the finished artist's book, tapestry, or poem, I'll develop a better understanding of the piece itself -- or at the very least, I'll know where to pick up the loose threads of inspiration when starting future projects. So, stay tuned...

To kick off this new era of being more transparent about my creative process, I'm sharing a list that I was recently asked to make called #twentythingsaboutme as part of an artist spotlight on Instagram. I tried to pick some little known facts, that in one way or another, shape my artistic practice today:

1. I'm a classically trained bookbinder

2. and a letterpress printer

3. I used to work managing Interactive Media for the Whitney Museum of American Art

4. I have two masters degrees, one in poetry and one in book art

5. I'm a history nerd, most of my creative projects are research based

6. the largest work of art I've made was 25 x 15 feet, the smallest, under an inch

7. I'm the mother of a 2 year old and expecting a second baby in June. Heaven help me!

8. I used to think I'd only ever want to live in big cities, but now live in a village in the Hudson Valley/Catskills region of Upstate New York

9. I live in a stone house that was built in 1680, the beams in the basement are charred from when the Brittish attacked in 1777

10. Being a custodian for this ancient home feels like a third job some times, but I love it, smoky chimneys and all.

11. I love fires and the ancient traditions associated with them, so much so that my husband and I got married in front of a roaring hearth

12. Lapsang souchong is my favorite type of tea, and I'm addicted to any coffee from Ethiopia

13. The darker, stormier, mistier day, the better

14. I'll choose to meet you in a coffee shop over a bar any day

15. My mother is Swedish, so you'll see a lot of Scandinavian references in my work

16. Traveling has always been a big part of my life; I have family in Sweden and Ireland

17. My Myers Briggs personaltiy is INFJ

18. I love baking and recently took a class on how to make French macarons

19. I have a secret blog with my sister where we talk about YA novels featuring female characters with agency

20. I'm pretty much undefeated at Star Wars trivial pursuit