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Witch's Marks on view at Drop Forge & Tool for International Women's Day

  • Drop Forge & Tool 442 Warren Street Hudson, NY, 12534 United States (map)


Drop Forge & Tool + SVB present the second annual
in solidarity with International Women's Day

ART at Drop Forge & Tool starting at 5pm  

Kat Howard
Phoebe Grip
Emily Ritz
Caitlin Parker


PERFORMANCES at Spotty Dog starting around 7pm
$7 all proceeds to artists

Amelia Moon
Bonnie Kane
Ifetayo Cobbins
Jen Kutler
Perfect Ten After School
Shanekia McIntosh
Visual works by Bibbe Hansen and RRB

Amelia Moon is a trans and queer multidisciplinary artist, performer, and writer based in Kingston. Lately she explores themes of vulnerability, madness, magic, and feral delight through experimental music, performance art, and storytelling.

Bibbe Hansen is a visual and performance artist currently residing in Hudson.

Integrating saxophone, flute, feedback and electronics, electro acoustic pioneer and dedicated improvisor, Bonnie Kane, terms her work as avant-core: an extreme energy mix of pyschedelic rock, hard core, and avant garde jazz. Her bands have been known for "scalp shearing shows", "feats of bravery", and for music that is "...the algebra of heart, brain, and soul." A conductor of energy, her music is not for the timid.

Caitlin Parker is a visual artist living and working in the Hudson Valley.

Inspired by coral reefs and lush forests, Emily Ritz uses drawing, painting, sculpture and embroidery to bring her unique vision of beauty to life. Everything she creates is done completely by hand and no two pieces are alike. Her love of repetition is quite apparent in the hyper detailed patterns that grow over each piece. After living in Northern California for nine years, her work is very much infused with the colors and textures of the West Coast. Since her move back home to upstate New York, Emily has taken up ceramics and continues to delve deeper into her imagined world of natural beauty. Her visual language expands as she now finds joy in merging her artistic style with practical objects like vases, planters and candle holders. Emily uses the word Lumpland as a descriptive and playful way to name her creations and the world in which they exist.

Ifetayo Cobbins lives in Hudson, and is a spoken word artist and poet.  @ifetayo5123

Jen Kutler is a sound based performer, sculptor and maker. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender and intimacy to create atypical instruments. Her performances feature many of her instruments incorporated with immersive field recordings to explore common and discrepant experiences of familiar sound environments.

Kat Howard makes work that addresses how the female body has been viewed over time, with a raw, direct approach to narrative and an emphasis on texture. The language of her visual art and poetry is simple, yet explicit and fully charged. She is interested in women's relationships to their bodies, and the roles that their bodies have played throughout history.

Perfect Ten After School was founded in 2010 by Paula Forman who saw that there was a need in Hudson for a place where girls might gather, support one another, and develop the skills and courage required for making their own dreams come true. With enormous support from the community, the Hudson City School District, the women of Hudson, and the girls and their moms who committed to Perfect Ten, this adventure became a reality. Each year we grow and change to suit our expanding vision.

Perfect Ten is about self-discovery, with the aim to build character through community engagement, skill development, academic support, and cultural exploration. We empower girls to become confident, independent women.

Perfect Ten girls join the program in the fourth grade and remain with us until they graduate from high school. We offer programming every day after school, every other Saturday, and through the summer. To participate in Perfect Ten, including weekly trips, girls must come at a minimum of twice a week and are required to keep their grades up and abide by our promises. Commitment to Perfect Ten is a daily investment in our future.


Phoebe Grip is a Brooklyn based sculptural artist.  Grip's video work investigates in how minimal physical actions with everyday objects can produce an emotional moving image. These simple sequences are influenced by ASMR soap cutting videos, in which female hands thoughtfully destroy bars of soap. Most often these videos are made by women, and consumed by women, who watch these videos alone on their phones to relax and to escape. Grip’s videos employ a similar composition — framed close to the sculptural objects, and manipulated only by a pair of female hands. In the heightened intimacy between the viewer and the objects, the subjects take on an almost otherworldly quality. This exploration has roots in 19th century spiritualist photography, and the belief in vital fluid— the concept that our bodies can transmit energy into objects, and photography can capture that energy on a negative.

RRB Rebecca Becker is a multimedia artist, composer and writer. Her work focuses on liminal spaces that exist between definitions and are therefore undefined. She currently lives in Hudson, NY.

Shanekia McIntosh is a writer, poet, programmer, and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. McIntosh has performed her writing at the New Museum, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s TBA Festival, September Gallery, Powrplnt, and Basilica Hudson, among other places. Her writing has been exhibited in shows at the 511 Gallery in Portland, Basilica Hudson, and the New Museum. McIntosh has programmed for a variety of art spaces and educational institutions. She is based in Hudson, NY.

Later Event: September 29