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New Piece on View at Drop Forge and Tool

Stop by the marvelous Drop Forge & Tool through the month of June, 2019 to see my new fiber art piece, “Ripple.”

‘Ripple,’ 72 x 18 inches, wool, silk, cotton, human hair, oak, available for sale
n. a small wave caused by a body being dropped in to water
a fall
a motion that slowly expands outward
a feeling that spreads through a group of people, gradually increasing
a story of survival that is passed from woman to woman to woman
This piece was inspired by Joy McCullough’s book ‘Blood, Water, Paint’ about Artemesia Gentileschi, a painter in 1610 Rome, who in the aftermath of rape faced a choice: be silent or tell the truth, no matter the cost, my own history as a survivor of physical and sexual violence, and the subject of one of Gentlieschi’s most infamous paintings: ‘Susanna and the Elders,’ where a young woman is assaulted within the gates of her private garden while she is bathing in the water.